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Leggings of the Month Club Subscription

Get a custom designed pair of leggings by ELB Custom Designs every month delivered right to your door for one low cost! Leggings feature a yoga waistband and buttery soft material. Our leggings are manufactured in small quantities to maintain uniqueness. Pictures show some but not all of our styles. You will get a new design every month! Once you hit subscribe you will enter a series of questions so we can determine your size and style preferences.

ELB Kids Box

Kids boxes feature one pair of exclusively designed leggings by the ELB Team, alongside 3-6 accessories every month. Accessories will change month to month. A fun surprise delivered right to your doorstep! Picture is a representation of things you could potentially receive in your box!

The Ultimate Leggings Subscription Box

Receive 2 Pairs of leggings plus an accessory every month. Leggings are exlusively designed by the ELB Team. Featuring tons of amazing prints. . Leggings will always have a yoga waistband and be buttery soft. During the subscribe flow you will be asked a series of questions to decide your sizing and your personal style preferences. Pictures show some of our styles but not necessarily the styles you will get they will be new every month!

ELB Leggings Clothing Box for Women

Get a curated outfit delivered to your doorstep every month. Featuring a pair of exclusive custom designed leggings by the ELB Team, solid matching top and one accessory. Boxes change every month and not all subscribers will get the same outfit making these truly unique. During the subscribe flow you will choose sizes and take a style survey so we can best curate your outfits to your individual preferences. Pictures represent some of our styles but is not necessarily the style you will get in your box which will change month to month.