ELB Clothing Box


 Get a curated outfit delivered to your doorstep every month. Featuring a pair of exclusive designer leggings by the ELB Team,  solid matching top and one accessory. Boxes change every  month and not all subscribers will get the same outfit making these truly unique. During the subscribe flow you will choose sizes and take a style survey so we can best curate your outfits to your individual preferences.  

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 For the Love Of Leggings

  Pictures represent some of our styles but is not necessarily the style you will get in your box which will change month to  month. 


OS ( one size )- fits most 2-10

PS ( plus size)  fits  most 12-18

TC2 (extended plus size) fits most 18-26

 How it Works:

Simply hit the get started button, choose your size and style preferences then sit back and wait for your package to come. Packages are shipped by the 4th of every month and delivered within 3-5 business days. 

 Choose Your Options

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